About Us

Solid Project Technology Sdn Bhd
(Reg. No.1315113-D) was established on March 2019.

Solid Project Technology Sdn Bhd is a newly incorporated & technology company with investors from various parts of Asia, namely, China, Cambodia and Malaysia.We pride ourselves as a leading technology consulting company using the state -of -the -art technology. Some of our companies that we work with are the best in their fields.



Solid Project Technology Sdn Bhd is committed to offer responsible, superior and professional project management services to the masses.

Solid Project’s “”Enterprise Value Positioning” aim is to attract professionals from all fields and to provide space for talents to develop creativity, excellence and innovation.

Actively recruiting and building internationally diversified talent pools from around the world.

In the next three to five years, we firmly believe that the company’s development and expansion goals are to become the world’s most respected and socially responsible project management company.